Fly Around The World with Google Earth

Fly and explore the world like never before using Google Earth. Google Earth introduced a new feature known as ‘Voyager’ just last month to help users have interactive guided tours around the world.

There are so many beautiful places around the world but not everyone affords to visit them. Even active travellers to these beautiful sites sometimes only manage to see a fraction of the areas they visit. Google Earth has made it easy for anyone to see and explore the world right from the comfort of their rooms. Thanks to innovations and advancements since its inception in 2005.

Google Earth is an app that lets users to explore the world by flying over streets, natural sceneries, metropolitan areas and sites. This app has captured the earth using satellite and its easy these days for teachers and students to explore geographical areas right from their study areas.

Google Earth app captures every area around the world in high resolution and 360 degree panoramas.

It’s an interactive app that allows users to view real images of buildings, galaxies, cities, oceans, water bodies and the earth surfaces as captured by satellite. Some versions of the application also capture planet Mass. Google Earth makes it possible to explore streets, monuments and tourist sites so easily.

One of the features in Google Earth is Street View feature which allows users to see close up images of different points and locations around the world. Some icons on this app include additional information including contacts, addresses, Wikipedia pages and 3D images of some places and monuments around the world.

Some of the disciplines that are expected to gain a lot from Google Earth include Physics, Geography, Science and History.


  • Explain different concepts about geographic coordinates, cartography and spaces using Google Earth
  • This app allows teachers to allow their students to virtually explore the areas where they live.
  • It is also one of the best platforms one can use in developing skills how to read and interpret maps.
  • Google Earth lets you know and explore historical and geographical aspects of a foreign country or a region.
  • Google Earth is a good avenue where users can learn different notions of space, distance calculation and geometry.

Google launched a revamped version of Google Earth last month. Users can use this revamped version on Android and Chrome to learn different aspects about the world.

The new Google Earth app is known as voyager. During its launch, Google called this feature ‘a showcase of interactive guided tours’. To ensure that users use voyager in exploring the world and get the most out of it, they teamed with Jane Goodall Institute, NASA, Sesame Workshop and BBC.

Voyager allows users to explore any location around the world. According to Kevin Ward from NASA, they normally use Voyager when sharing photos gathered by astronauts, satellite images and ISS images.

Google Earth users with no particular sense of direction can switch to ‘I’m feeling lucky in order to get directed to over 20,000 locations listed by Google for education, beauty and exploration purposes. After finding yourself on Google selected sites, you’ll see a pop up comprising videos, images and stories about their specific landing. Click on the share option if you find an interesting thing.

To see a location from any perspective, you can click on 3D button found on the bottom right. Google Earth is one of the best way to explore the world so far but for users who would like to go one step further, can use Oculus Touch and Oculus Rift to Fly around the world, fly over streets and walks or even go ahead to change or adjust time by shifting the sun overhead next to the horizon.

Google’s Virtual Reality VR feature makes globe-trotting easy and simple for users. The Virtual Reality feature and Voyager addition took Google Earth app and exploration of the world to the next level. VR addition allows users explore and visit different points around the world from where they sit and enjoy an immersive experience.

How to use Google Earth Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality by Google Earth lets the world explore the world in different angles and in 3D. It’s simple to use VR on Google Earth. The journey begins the moment you start looking at planet Earth from Space. Choose where to start your globe-trotting experience by rotating the globe to a place of your choice. Choose from over 175 cities and over 600 different urban cores. The quality of the Images and Video on VR are more than what you would expect.

The data provided by Google Earth provides scalable virtual worlds. Visit different places such as the Grand Canyon, Manhattan and many more in a curated and cinematic way using Google Earth’s Virtual Reality.

Since its launch in 2005, Google Earth has grown through innovations of unique features that have exponentially enabled users to explore and fly around the world right from anywhere.

Their latest Google Earth 2.0 comes in unique features that have transformed how to explore the world. From a simple software on mapping, Google Earth has grown and become better enabling different users to have unique exploration experience like never before. It gives users an interactive guided tour service making it easy for users to travel around the world from the comfort of their home.

It brings a real possibility of seeing different recreational places in 3D at the touch of a button right from wherever you are around the world.

Visit the most beautiful and famous monuments in different places around the world while enjoying the whole experience Google Earth takes you through.

If you don’t know places to visit using Google Earth, you can use ‘Feeling Lucky’ feature which will take you to random places and also learn more about them from notes provided by the App.

There is also the ‘explorer’ option which allows users to interact with different places in a thematic way. These are sites designed by specialists to make the whole experience great.

The different additions to Google Earth App enable users to fly and explore different parts of the world right from their devices.

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