How Instagram Has Taken One Step Closer to Snapchat

Last year, Instagram added a new feature known as  disappearing photo feature known as ‘stories’ which was an identical feature to what was in Snapchat. It seems their war against Snapchat is far from being over as they have recently copied yet another facial filter feature that takes them a step closer to Snapchat.

Instagram this week decided to go one step closer to Snapchat by introducing facial filters feature. Snapchat has been struggling to attract new users lately as competition in tech world becomes stiffer each day.

Snapchat has been popular than its competitors because of its augmented reality AR face filters. Now that Instagram has introduced this feature, who knows what could happen next.

The step taken by Instagram to introduce Facial feature makes them official competitors of Snapchat. This feature allows users to express themselves anywhere anytime whether sitted at home on the couch or out having fun with friends. The different facial filters introduced by Instagram come with different varieties of characters users can use to express themselves. From math equations to funny expressions, facial filter is the latest addition Instagram has introduced for its users.

To access facial filters on IG, open the camera and tap on new face Icon found on the bottom right corner.

Apart from this addition that makes it move a step closer to Snapchat, Instagram also introduced a new ‘Rewind’ feature. This feature is found next to ‘Hand Free’ and ‘Boomerang’ and it allows users to rewind their videos.

Instagram has always been the right place to go and do your funny things before sharing them. According to Instagram, the addition of Facial filters now makes it fun and easier especially if you want to express yourself to people.

Recently, instagram has been copying a number of features in Snapchat and it seems users like it that way. Don’t forget that owner of Instagram who are Facebook once tried to buy Snapchat.

It seems Instagram has decided to bring to an end the domination of Snapchat not by buying it but by copying its features. One of their latest additions that makes them a step closer to Snapchat is the Facial filter feature.

Instagram first started copying Snapchat by using a similar Interface before going ahead to copy the disappearing message feature. Don’t be surprised seeing users deleting their Snapchat accounts in favor of Instagram.

Since their IPO went live, Snapchat has gone through a rough time as users seem to prefer other platforms like Instagram. The latest blow to Snapchat lately has been championed by Instagram. Snapchat has been slow in introducing new features and innovative ways which has affected them hugely as users continue enjoying other competitors one of them being Instagram.

If things continue the way they are currently, Snapchat could end up being faced out completely from tech world. Facebook and Instagram have always been on the forefront in war against Snapchat as the two have continuously copied and perfected Snapchat ideas which as a result have saw many users shift their allegiance towards them.

Unless Snapchat finds new innovative ways, they are on the verge of losing out users in the Tech world. What Instagram and Facebook have done is picking what Snapchat has failed to improving it or using it to fight them. This as a result has attracted many people towards Facebook and Instagram.

The new Face filters introduced by Instagram come with augmented reality that allows users to add some character around those in a photo or a video. Instagram these days have become more creative than its competitors due to its different choices of as time goes.

The face filter feature allows users to include special effects to their photos with bunny ears, nerd glasses an many funny features which already exist in Snapchat.

Activate the face filter feature and use it for both rear and front cameras. The latest update by Instagram also comes with erasers which users can use in removing drawings on their photos.

To access and use the latest feature added by Instagram, users should update their IG app to 10.21 or download it from Google Play Store or App store.

There are currently about 8 AR different options on the face filter but this does not mean that Instagram is not allowed to copy more from Snapchat and become better.

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