How Facebook Will Look Like in Future

Ever asked yourself how Facebook will look like in future? Facebook is the main social media platforms that have tremendous influence around the world. With over 1 billion users every day, Facebook is one of the most used social platforms in the world. Do not forget that Facebook also has a strong financial foundation compared to some competitors.

It is a social platform with many strategies lined up to ensure that it remains being the most preferred social platform globally.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckeberg is an ambitious man and always optimistic about the future of Facebook. He’s this kind of a CEO with a huge stake on his bet about the future.

That’s the reason why Facebook is expected to undergo changes. Facebook has always invested on innovation and we expect this trend to continue in future. We therefore expect a totally different Facebook in future. There is a very big possibility that Facebook will look different from what we know.

Since its establishment, Facebook has managed to reach a huge population around the world. However, there are still some 4 billion people around the world that do not have access to the internet. According to official statements from Facebook, they are working round the clock to address this issue. According to plans are underway to ensure that the rest of the world that does not have access to the internet gets connected.

According to Facebook, plans are underway to connect the rest of the world that has no internet access through aerial cellular technology.

Facebook is expected to be the main service provider for the rest of the world that will be using aerial cellular technology as a way of getting internet connection up and going.

Mark and company have a well laid plan on how to ensure that more than one billion people who use Facebook daily remain engaged and lured to use it in the future.

At one of the many Mark Zuckerberg events, he hinted one of their ambitious plans about Facebook. These days FB is the most popular social channels. It has managed to attract its main competitors and as if that’s not enough, FB has continued to grow and become better. Facebook is expected to venture and invest more in online marketing strategies. Brands are expected to continue using unique marketing strategies and the main platform that will enable this is Facebook.

Apart from this, what else do we expect from Facebook?


According to Mark Zuckerberg, there is usually a breakthrough in tech world every 10-15 years. This breakthrough then ends up changing or having an impact on how people live.

It all started with internet connection on a PC, then there was Wi-Fi and Laptops. These days it’s all about smartphones. These breakthroughs and shifts in tech world led and convinced Mark Zuckerberg to invest billions of dollars on Oculus. This is a virtual reality platforms aimed at gamers. So how will Oculus affect the way we interact with Facebook?

Oculus is a cool release by its creators despite not being able to attract much attention from users. This is probably because if viewed from a browser or mobile it looks a little gimmicky. What users do not know is that Oculus is a pretty cool feature that will transform how we interact with Facebook. Let’s use an example and see how this virtual reality feature will change Facebook.

For instance in the next 10 years our smartphones will be able to take a 3D-Video of places you visit. Smartphones these days have a front and back camera which enables taking and shooting videos. In the next decade Facebook users will be able to share an experience they had via FB but in 3D and the person watching the video will have the same experience as the one shooting the video.

Facebook is always willing to try new things and see the experience. They comprehend that they need to remain relevant and that’s the reason why they always invest on new features that will ensure people stick to it.

Innovation has ensured Facebook remains on top despite stiff competition. If everyone uses one popular social platform, it starts being unappealing to a certain group. For instance, when teenagers realized that their parents also used the same platform, they started seeing it as not being a cool place. Facebook then realized this and decided to buy Instagram but kept it separate from Facebook. Instagram is a very popular social site used by many people including teenagers.

These and many strategies are used by Facebook to help them remain relevant and that’s the reason why Facebook will be different in Future.

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